Gravitational Wave LIGO Spectacular!

One of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of our time calls for an emergency special episode featuring returning guests Dr. Jamie Rollins and Dr. Larry Price, both of whom worked on LIGO, the device that for the first time in history confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, along with theoretical astrophysicist and black hole expert Dr. Janna Levin. Topics discussed include Matt's surprising illness, science fluffMarco Drago's discovery?How LIGO works, 30 solar mass black holes, test signals, the actual paper explaining the recent gravitational wave findingsJanna's new book, Relativity 101, BICEP's failure, new black holes, Scorpion!, our T-shirts, Apple vs. the FBI and what the point of all this is.

Visit LIGO.org or LIGO.caltech.edu for all your gravitational wave needs!

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