Probably History Episode 004 - Video Games with David Cope!

Probably History is back! New listeners to Probably Science may not know this, but when you subscribe to ProbSci you also occasionally get a dose of almost-history courtesy of Jesse Case, Richard Bain and Andy Wood. This week they welcome guest comedian and gamer David Cope as they set their sights on the 60+ year history of video/computer gaming, discussing OXO, Tennis for Two, Computer Space, the dude behind Chuck E. Cheese and Atari, the 1972 home console made by Magnavox, the Father of Video Games, Verbot: The 1980s voice-activated robot, Mortal Kombat tactics, Andy's stint working for Xboxthe Rockafire Explosion documentary, Brad Dourif's over-the-top performance in Myst 3: Exile, David and Richard's console recommendations, Leeroy Jenkins, The Call of The Blade, and Braid, the game that everyone agrees you should play.

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