Episode 140 with Emily Gordon!

Producer of The Meltdown, co-host of The Indoor Kids podcast and former couples therapist Emily Gordon joins the festivities this week to talk about rage oranges, webcams, why rocket science is so damn hard, co-ed fraternities, people trying to get free therapy at parties, Emily's blog, decorating your house with Dave Kloc postersastronomy sleuths uncovering the origins of Monet paintingsBrooks appearing in an upcoming movieschizophrenia actually being eight different disorders, dating the person in front of you, algae that makes us idiotsthe Magnolia scene filmed in our neighborhood bar, out-of-date Philae comet-landing news, a robot that makes you think there's a ghost behind youthe Third Man Factor experienced by mountain climbers, Jesse and Andy's counseling breakthrough, working with your spousethe video game nostalgia of Ready Player One, and game recommendations including SplatoonUnfinished Swan and Spirits.

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