Episode 100 with Karen Gillan, Bonus Brooks Wheelan and Greatest Hits!

The wonderful Karen Gillan, star of Doctor Who and the upcoming films Oculus and Guardians of the Galaxy, returns to Bluebell Ranch to help Matt, Jesse and Andy celebrate Probably Science's 100th episode with a discussion of Jonas Salk, Ernest Rutherford, gun synchronizers, making your own stem cells, charting the development of a British child, trampoline parks, baboon trials of birth control for men, the upcoming live Probably Science show at SF Sketchfest, a message from former co-host and current SNL cast member Brooks Wheelan, and a compilation of some of the best moments from the show's first 100 episodes featuring Chris Hardwick, Kyle Kinane, Wil AndersonJames Adomian, Mike Schmidt, Wendy Wason, Glenn Wool, Lady Carol, Auggie Smith, Daniel Sloss, and Brendon Burns!

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